The Z.E.R.O. Trouble Coming Every Day Fund Raiser

A brief introduction...


A lot has happened since a plan was hatched for the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra to record a very special version of Zappa's Trouble Coming Every Day with some totally Tubular guests. The original aim was to help raise funds for an ailing recording studio at the start of this here worldwide pandemic (see Then things really kicked-off especially in the US and suddenly this song (written 55 years ago, when Frank was just 24) was on a lot of people's minds.


    Now all these fine, fine musicians ask is that, should you choose to download the song (and there's no earthly reason why any right-minded person wouldn't want to), then YOU choo-choose who to donate to: maybe an organisation that helps fight racism, or one that helps health workers or the homeless...anybody in need of a few bucks.


    It's in your hands. Do the right thing: give power to the OTHER PEOPLE! 


Andrew Greenaway (author of Zappa The Hard Way)


From Z.E.R.O....

One way to deal with the Trouble Coming Every Day is to listen to the music that makes you happy. Another way is to try to help people out in need and to support the efforts of the folks you know and organizations that exist to assist those that need help.

The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra is attempting to combine the two by playing a song we love and giving it away to inspire people to donate towards a worthy cause.

"Trouble Coming Every Day" seems to be the perfect soundtrack for 2020 so far. Our idea was put it online for free and ask the folks that download it to donate a few dollars to an organization that is against fascism, or racism, or police brutality. Or to give something to folks helping the homeless; or whatever little thing they can do to help. No strings attached, just hope that some people will take the request seriously and help somebody that needs it.

There are links to the right to download an audio file format of your choice. Please enjoy the music and PLEASE DONATE whatever you can afford to a cause, organization, or human being that needs the help.

Song Title: Trouble Coming Every Day

Composer: Frank Zappa
Recording by The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra with special guests
Roger Steen, Prairie Prince and Sandro Oliva

Roger Steen - Vocals, lead guitar and harmonica
Prairie Prince - Drums
Sandro Oliva - Closing guitar solo
Jimmy Thomas - Rhythm Guitar
Rupert Kettle - Lap Steel
Kevin Crosby - Bass
Mark Watson - Spoken Intro

Produced and Engineered by Kevin Crosby

Prairie's drums recorded by Chris von Sneidern.
Roger's vocal, guitar, and harmonica recorded by Roger.
Jimmy, Sandro, Rupert and Kevin recorded their own instruments
and Kevin mixed it all together.

Mastered by Steve Turnidge

Recorded with proper pandemic protocols. Social distancing works!

  • Link to mp3: Trouble Coming Every Day_2020.mp3
  • Link to FLAC file: Trouble Coming Every Day_2020.flac

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